the Syndicate – we’re celebrating 5 years of results

The full service ad agency the Syndicate celebrates 5 years of activity in which the passion and experience of our members were put in the service of our clients.

In 5 years of partnership and succesful colaboration, the clients reaped the harvest of good results as it follows:

Grande Panini. From 900 to 15.000 sandwiches were sold every month, as a result of a new visual identity and development of a courageous and attractive packaging.

TRUST. A business that, initially, was targeted on B2B 100% turned in a proportion of 25% to the consumer. We built a new brand identity and implemented a new concept of store, monthly magazine and materials dedicated to plumbers and final consumers in Piatra Neamt, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova.

Laptaru Ghita. An authentic Romanian brand, developed from scratch, where we played the role of agency, as much as the role of marketing department. The results showed 100% growth of numerical distribution and a growth of the turnover of 35% in one year.

Banca Romaneasca. Several campaigns developed from the beginnings of the Syndicate concluded in maintaining Banca Romaneasca’s place in the top of banks, in an extremely competitive market. It was a constant effort that led to creating the new communication platform for the next 3-5 years.

Bramac. Reaching new sale goals planned in a market that diminished by 40%. 3 years of courageous and coherent communication for the category, straight to the consumer, that settled the brand’s values. 3 new tile brands at the consumer and Bramac distributors, through dedicated and adapted campaigns.

Unilever Food Solutions. Over 50 innovative and unconventional projects, 20 product launches, Doggy Bag campaign that was a winner at PR Awards, Trade programs for cooks and restaurant owners. All of these were created, launched and implemented perfectly, adding value for the client, the business and, also, the image.

Magura. The newest brand we’re communicating for, from September 2012, through the development of communication directly to the consumer.

Cumpana. A fresh and emotional campaign, targeting the consumer through the “Cumpana Home” campaign, that took place in strategic places, directly to the consumer.

At this 5 years milestone, we remember with joy our involvement in the life of brands or companies such as Wienerberger – with the “Porotherm – Crystal Globe” campaign, Best Value, Old Music Festival, Garrone, Sandoz, Total Green, Bancpost, Wini Imobili and Kraft.