the Syndicate speaks out the truth

Bramac and the Syndicate decided that it’s time for the world to find out what really protects the valuable things.

Why? Because the truth was left aside for too long, creating room for compromises with other cover systems.

Because Bramac roof is a real solution to a real carefree life, in quiet and in an ideal temperature, forever.

Made from mortar and cement, at the perfect weight to resist any environment elements, once it’s placed on the house, Bramac roof ensures the client’s comfort through safety, durability and, also, the neighbors’ admiration for a beautiful house.

the Syndicate, full service ad agency, that is in charge of all Bramac’s brands assumes that this campaign won’t go unnoticed. “We are happy we managed to speak out the truth, just as Bramac does speak out the roof’s real name”, the Syndicate’s officials declare.

The campaign is on a national level and will be broadcasted on TV (TVR1, N24, National TV, Antena 3, Realitatea TV, National Geographic, Discovery, Universal Channel), print, internet, outdoor and POSM.

Bramac officials declare that the Syndicate understood the brief perfectly and were in the search for something courageous, that will draw the attention and strenghten the name of Bramac, leader on the roof market. “We are expecting, also, that this campaign to be taken over by other countries and the consumers to understand the advantages of using our roofs”, Cristiana Stoica, Bramac Marketing Director, declares.