the Syndicate creates the new design of Banca Romaneasca’s credit cards

Banca Romaneasca launched a new line of credit cards with the help of “the Syndicate” agency.

Having in mind the importance of this project and the long life of the new design, Banca Romaneasca chose the Syndicate.

The agency understood the need for a non-perishable in time concept regarding the visual aspect and the usage of a powerful symbol, easy to adapt to the whole credit card line, in a different and attractive way for the bank’s clients.

the Syndicate answered Banca Romaneasca’s clients requests, that wish to be better represented by their cards. The cards are an important holder of the bank’s message, that represents the values and the choices of its users.

The chosen formula, placed under the concept “The Light” is aspirational, using an universal, positive symbol – light – with a vast symbolic interpretation, that communicates trust, security, confort and, last, but not least, optimism.

The new line of credit cards includes the CIP technology, which will increase the safety of users’ transactions, was launched on the market in October 2010.

the Syndicate team:
Razvan Vasiloiu – Strategic Planner
Florin Olingheru – Art Director
Ileana Dumitrescu – AccountManager