the Syndicate and Bramac: new stories, same characters

He was determined and he faced strong wind, aggressive rain and overwhelming sun in last year’s TVC and it wasn’t in vain: the analysis of the sales results and of the indicators led to bringing back the “Bramac Scottish” character. He’s continuing his “adventure” in the launching of “Bramac innovates roof surfaces” campaign.

In 2011, the story is more ample, it detects more aspects and communicates more of the Bramac brand dimensions. Now, the stakes are higher, because the surfaces that were communicated: NOVO – the new standard of roof’s surfaces, PROTECTOR and MONTERO give full meaning to the statement “Bramac innovates roof surfaces”.

the Syndicate chose to approach an emotional type of communication, bringing in forefront, besides the indisputable quality of Bramac surfaces and elegance, the out-of-the-box aspect that comes as an invite to the creativity manifestation in the construction field.

This year’s TVC finds the “Scottish man” in a more firm situation, more secure and determined, placing his steps trustfully on the houses’ roofs in a dusty city overwhelmed by sun. Positioning the character on the roofs, outline two important messages, which Bramac wants to transmit: NOVO surface is the standard of roofs and Bramac is on an ascending path of placing itself as high as possible in this particular field of activity and satisfying the consumer’s necessities.

“Bramac innovates roof’s surfaces” message is communicated in an integrated campaign on TV (Antena 3, TVR1, TVR2, Discovery, Realitatea, National TV, N24 PLUS, AXN, AXN Crime and AXN Sci-Fi), in constructions specialized print and online. Along with the website relaunch, the internet became an even more important component in Bramac’s channels of communication.

Bramac is a company that is present in countries such as: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is present on the Romanian market for more than 15 years, placing itself as a leader in complete solutions for covers.