Syndicate face cinste impreuna cu Alexandrion

Agentia the Syndicate este responsabila, incepand cu iarna anului trecut, de ce se intampla cu portofoliul de vodka al grupului Alexandrion. Sub obladuirea lor creativa se afla 3 branduri – Saber Vodka, Kreskova si Alexander.

Pana in acest moment, a avut loc un proces de rebranding pentru o parte din brandurile mai sus mentionate, iar doua campanii nationale sunt in plina desfasurare. In cazul Kreskova, este vorba despre o promotie pentru consumator care lanseaza provocarea de a ne lasa cuceriti, cu promisiunea ca vom avea de castigat. In paralel, se deruleaza o campanie de trade cu premii in valoare de peste 6 milioane de euro, menita sa propulseze vanzarile.

“Am incheiat anul 2014 cu un inceput de colaborare ce se anunta a fi foarte interesant. Ni s-au pus la dispozitie branduri populare si permisive din punct de vedere al creatiei, fapt confirmat de proiectele care sunt deja in derulare. Un alt aspect pozitiv al contului proaspat castigat este ca lucram cu un client deschis, iar asta se vede in materialele finale si se simte in work-flow.”, a declarat Valentin Vernea (Client Service Director, the Syndicate).

Campaniile se desfasoara online si prin materiale in-store, urmand ca, pe parcursul anului, sa observam prezenta acestor branduri in mai multe medii de comunicare.

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the Syndicate and Bramac: new stories, same characters

He was determined and he faced strong wind, aggressive rain and overwhelming sun in last year’s TVC and it wasn’t in vain: the analysis of the sales results and of the indicators led to bringing back the “Bramac Scottish” character. He’s continuing his “adventure” in the launching of “Bramac innovates roof surfaces” campaign.

In 2011, the story is more ample, it detects more aspects and communicates more of the Bramac brand dimensions. Now, the stakes are higher, because the surfaces that were communicated: NOVO – the new standard of roof’s surfaces, PROTECTOR and MONTERO give full meaning to the statement “Bramac innovates roof surfaces”.

the Syndicate chose to approach an emotional type of communication, bringing in forefront, besides the indisputable quality of Bramac surfaces and elegance, the out-of-the-box aspect that comes as an invite to the creativity manifestation in the construction field.

This year’s TVC finds the “Scottish man” in a more firm situation, more secure and determined, placing his steps trustfully on the houses’ roofs in a dusty city overwhelmed by sun. Positioning the character on the roofs, outline two important messages, which Bramac wants to transmit: NOVO surface is the standard of roofs and Bramac is on an ascending path of placing itself as high as possible in this particular field of activity and satisfying the consumer’s necessities.

“Bramac innovates roof’s surfaces” message is communicated in an integrated campaign on TV (Antena 3, TVR1, TVR2, Discovery, Realitatea, National TV, N24 PLUS, AXN, AXN Crime and AXN Sci-Fi), in constructions specialized print and online. Along with the website relaunch, the internet became an even more important component in Bramac’s channels of communication.

Bramac is a company that is present in countries such as: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is present on the Romanian market for more than 15 years, placing itself as a leader in complete solutions for covers.

the Syndicate creates the new design of Banca Romaneasca’s credit cards

Banca Romaneasca launched a new line of credit cards with the help of “the Syndicate” agency.

Having in mind the importance of this project and the long life of the new design, Banca Romaneasca chose the Syndicate.

The agency understood the need for a non-perishable in time concept regarding the visual aspect and the usage of a powerful symbol, easy to adapt to the whole credit card line, in a different and attractive way for the bank’s clients.

the Syndicate answered Banca Romaneasca’s clients requests, that wish to be better represented by their cards. The cards are an important holder of the bank’s message, that represents the values and the choices of its users.

The chosen formula, placed under the concept “The Light” is aspirational, using an universal, positive symbol – light – with a vast symbolic interpretation, that communicates trust, security, confort and, last, but not least, optimism.

The new line of credit cards includes the CIP technology, which will increase the safety of users’ transactions, was launched on the market in October 2010.

the Syndicate team:
Razvan Vasiloiu – Strategic Planner
Florin Olingheru – Art Director
Ileana Dumitrescu – AccountManager

the Syndicate speaks out the truth

Bramac and the Syndicate decided that it’s time for the world to find out what really protects the valuable things.

Why? Because the truth was left aside for too long, creating room for compromises with other cover systems.

Because Bramac roof is a real solution to a real carefree life, in quiet and in an ideal temperature, forever.

Made from mortar and cement, at the perfect weight to resist any environment elements, once it’s placed on the house, Bramac roof ensures the client’s comfort through safety, durability and, also, the neighbors’ admiration for a beautiful house.

the Syndicate, full service ad agency, that is in charge of all Bramac’s brands assumes that this campaign won’t go unnoticed. “We are happy we managed to speak out the truth, just as Bramac does speak out the roof’s real name”, the Syndicate’s officials declare.

The campaign is on a national level and will be broadcasted on TV (TVR1, N24, National TV, Antena 3, Realitatea TV, National Geographic, Discovery, Universal Channel), print, internet, outdoor and POSM.

Bramac officials declare that the Syndicate understood the brief perfectly and were in the search for something courageous, that will draw the attention and strenghten the name of Bramac, leader on the roof market. “We are expecting, also, that this campaign to be taken over by other countries and the consumers to understand the advantages of using our roofs”, Cristiana Stoica, Bramac Marketing Director, declares.

the Syndicate’s signature on TRUST’s rebranding

the Syndicate won the pitch organized by TRUST Euro Therm for the process of rebranding and communication strategy.

TRUST is present on the market since 1993 and is an important national player on the field of thermal and ventilation instalation distribution.

The process of choosing the agency lasted 3 months and well-known ad agencies participated in the pitch.

the Syndicate approach consisted in analyzing the category in which TRUST activates and in proposing solutions for an efficient communication and positioning. The agency’s experience with clients from the technical field and the understanding of this field represent a solid foundation of a quality partnership with a new won client. The Syndicate proves, once more, creativity and maturity in approaching the client’s business.

Building a new brand identity based on the agency’s Before the Line – After the line approach, the Syndicate believes in the vertical line that separates the moment of memorizing the brand from the moment of choosing the brand.

In the Before the Line approach, the conventions of TRUST’s field of activity were kept in mind. The Syndicate made research and held interviews with specialists, builders, plumbers and architects, to outline and verify the identity of the new brand. So, for the new brand identity, it was chosen a descriptor that would underline TRUST’s positioning: “Expert in thermal and ventilation solutions” and outline the positioning according to the brand’s values: quality, comfort, safety.

The distinctive graphic elements of the brand that were built by the Syndicate are the flame and the snow flake, symbolizing TRUST’s thermal and ventilation solutions. The 2 elements are integrated equally in one circle, having a chromatic and a structure that combine harmoniously in order to create a courageous, modern and memorable symbol.

The new identity will be found in a visible way on all TRUST’s materials, including the showroom in Piatra Neamt, built by a team of architects that work closely with the Syndicate agency in order to create a memorable impact.

In the After the Line approach, the Syndicate will launch TRUST locally (Piatra Neamt), through a communication plan that include local print, radio, consumers and specialists activations, in the summer of 2011, in order to announce that TRUST is the expert in thermal and ventilation solutions.

The Syndicate team:
Monica Tarnovean, Executive Director
Razvan Vasiloiu, Strategic Planner
Florin Olingheru, Creative Director
Adriana Bestea, Copywriter

TRUST Euro Therm team:
Marius Filip, marketing coordinator
Catalina Ivanov, marketing analyst

The Syndicate and Unilever Food Solutions breathe an original air

Once with the Unilever Food Solutions relaunch and refresh in Romania, it was also launched the “Breathe an original air” campaign, signed by the Syndicate agency.

“The Syndicate understood UFS’s need for repositioning and matching with their clients’ necessities and expectations, succeeding, at the same time, to underline the importance of the company’s products and services in kitchens from all over the country” says Valentin Vernea, Head of Trade Marketing at the Syndicate.

Even more, the way the agency delivers this message is inspired by the personalities of Romanian restaurant owners and cooks and it is communicated in a friendly, energetic, carefully targeted manner.

The “Breathe an original air” campaign has its foundation in a research that pointed out the most prepared types of food in Romanian restaurants”, says Maria Gavrilescu, Channel Marketing Leader at Unilever Food Solutions. They found their place in the Unilever Food Solutions brochure that will reach thousands of locations nationwide, in order to be taken over by owners and cooks that want to refresh their menus, with minimum effort, time and money.

From a strategic point of view, the Syndicate agency chose a specific approach regarding the vivification of UFS product selling, involving the cooks at a personal level. In this way, they will show their cooking talent by posting an original recipe, that contains at least one UFS product as an ingredient, on the campaign’s website – The winning recipe will send its author to an unique cooking workshop in Dublin, Ireland.

The mechanism of the campaign didn’t ignore the business that is behind an attractive menu and managed to support it. This goal was achieved by offering a personalized kit (table tents and menu inserts) to each location that will order UFS products.

Through this campaign built by the Syndicate agency, new doors are opening in order to help restaurant owners and cooks breathe the UFS original air, by innovating their menus, but, in the same time, finding new solutions, created especially for the sake of the business’s value.

The Syndicate managed to go beyond the strategy “buy 2, get 3”, delivering, in a clear manner, UFS’s message of welcoming and supporting clients, helping in the operational processes in the kitchen and inspiring them to create healthy and attractive menus.

the Syndicate team:
Vali Vernea, Head of Trade Marketing
Ileana Anastasescu, Account Manager
Florin Olingheru, Creative Director
Adriana Bestea, Copywriter

the Syndicate – we’re celebrating 5 years of results

The full service ad agency the Syndicate celebrates 5 years of activity in which the passion and experience of our members were put in the service of our clients.

In 5 years of partnership and succesful colaboration, the clients reaped the harvest of good results as it follows:

Grande Panini. From 900 to 15.000 sandwiches were sold every month, as a result of a new visual identity and development of a courageous and attractive packaging.

TRUST. A business that, initially, was targeted on B2B 100% turned in a proportion of 25% to the consumer. We built a new brand identity and implemented a new concept of store, monthly magazine and materials dedicated to plumbers and final consumers in Piatra Neamt, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova.

Laptaru Ghita. An authentic Romanian brand, developed from scratch, where we played the role of agency, as much as the role of marketing department. The results showed 100% growth of numerical distribution and a growth of the turnover of 35% in one year.

Banca Romaneasca. Several campaigns developed from the beginnings of the Syndicate concluded in maintaining Banca Romaneasca’s place in the top of banks, in an extremely competitive market. It was a constant effort that led to creating the new communication platform for the next 3-5 years.

Bramac. Reaching new sale goals planned in a market that diminished by 40%. 3 years of courageous and coherent communication for the category, straight to the consumer, that settled the brand’s values. 3 new tile brands at the consumer and Bramac distributors, through dedicated and adapted campaigns.

Unilever Food Solutions. Over 50 innovative and unconventional projects, 20 product launches, Doggy Bag campaign that was a winner at PR Awards, Trade programs for cooks and restaurant owners. All of these were created, launched and implemented perfectly, adding value for the client, the business and, also, the image.

Magura. The newest brand we’re communicating for, from September 2012, through the development of communication directly to the consumer.

Cumpana. A fresh and emotional campaign, targeting the consumer through the “Cumpana Home” campaign, that took place in strategic places, directly to the consumer.

At this 5 years milestone, we remember with joy our involvement in the life of brands or companies such as Wienerberger – with the “Porotherm – Crystal Globe” campaign, Best Value, Old Music Festival, Garrone, Sandoz, Total Green, Bancpost, Wini Imobili and Kraft.